Shipping Policy


When will I get my order? 

We are a fulfillment on demand shop handled personally by the owners. It takes 1-3 days to fulfill an order depending on the amount ordered. The handling time depends on your location, but can be estimated to be 5-7 business days

Where will my order ship from? 
Austin, Texas

My order should be here by now, but I still don't have it. What should I do? 
Every order will include a USPS Tracking Number, you can visit to look up the status of your order. For any questions please ask me at

Quick tip: The zip code is the most important part of the address. Use a simple tool like ​USPS ZIP code lookup ​to make sure you get it right! Also, make sure to double check the address entered to make sure your order arrives on time, and that makes your USPS delivery person happy.



How are your products made? 
I make everything from start to finish. From baking to shipping is all done by myself. This ensures 100% quality control for the whole process until it is dropped off to USPS for shipment.

How do I track my order? 
All orders include a tracking number. Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email which includes tracking. You can visit to locate your package during transportation.

If I receive a damaged product, what should I do? 
The first thing you should do is don’t worry at all! I pack every single order with a waterproof bag or box, a double wall of bubble wrap for the bag, and then tape is added to keep your order from moving, shifting, or getting squashed by bigger boxes or mishandled. If for some reason it looks like a pancake when you receive it, email me personally at, send me a picture of your package and i'll send you another one, and pay for shipping.


Quick tip: I can’t stress the word “pancake” enough. If it looks like an elephant confused your package for a mouse and stomped on it, I will definitely help you right away. If the packaging has cosmetic defects but the actual product survived the long journey, end of story, final sale, no replacements, no exceptions.

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