Contains fresh peanut butter, pork, beef, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin.


One day I was eating Pad Thai with pork. That was the exact moment I realized how well peanut sauce goes with pork and decided to make a product with those ingredients. I work so hard making my own peanut butter, I should have a treat that highlights the efforts I put into the peanut butter making process. I also use root vegetables in the product so I came up with Rootin’ for Peanut Butter. The word Rootin’ makes me think of harvesting root vegetables, a pig making an oink noise/eating, and the two words Rootin’ & Peanut Butter makes me think of Baseball, one of my favorite sports as a kid. 


What does Sam think?

Sam tried one out today and nearly bit my fingers off! Seems like a winner. I judge based on his barks/pitch, I am listening for a certain pitch, and behavior to tell if I have a winner. He is very picky, so it was natural to use him as a test subject.

Rootin’ for Peanut Butter by Barketizers®. 8 oz. cup

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  • peanut butter, pork, beef, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin

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