Why Barketizers© Whole Food Treats Are Healthy For Your Dog

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Chef Jason Thayer tells you exactly all the reasons his Barketizers© recipes are the healthiest treat choices around for your favorite pooch.

Barketizers© treats just contain healthy ingredients that a dog can eat. They last a long long time, and have an extremely low moisture content to prevent mold, and bacteria. They are small, and concentrated so you only need to give your dogs 2 to 3 a day or just 1. They were created to encourage people to not overfeed your dog with treats, and keep the main focus on the dog food meals.

Low fat, no added sugar, no flavor enhancers like sugar, salt, liquid smoke. Every batch goes through me only, so there is constant quality control. They are created to be crunchy so they can help with teeth, and they soften easy so they don't get stuck in your dogs teeth which will cause dental problems and/or bad breath.

Q: What is so important about whole grain barley, and why do we use it in our Veggies & Fruits dog treats?

A: Whole grain is not refined. Most dog treats use bagged grain flour, mostly whole wheat and All-Purpose flours which are not only very cheap alternatives, but they have much less nutrients due to the refining process. The refining process not only removes many nutrients including fiber, it removes the grain of their bran and germ. We use whole grain because they are nutrient dense with fiber, vitamins B & E, protein, and antioxidants.

Q: Do we make chewy dog treats?

A: We don't produce chewy products, only crunchy products. The idea was to stay away from fats, and stabilizers. To make a dog treat chewy you would have to add stabilizers like refined starches, guar gum, gelatin, and/or fats like oil, or animal lard. However, not only are our dog treats crunchy, they are easy to chew, and dissolve when consumed.

Q: How long does a cup of Barketizers© last if stored on the shelf?

A: 1 year minimum, our process uses zero preservatives, and we use fresh whole cuts of protein. The treats can last longer but the treats will be long gone before that, just don't grab them with wet hands and they will be safe.

Q: How many treats are in a cup of Barketizers©?

A: Depending on the size, 40-50 per cup.

Q: Where do you buy your peanut butter from?

A: We purchase large quantities of raw unsalted peanuts, roast them in large batches, and grind the peanuts ourselves. We go through this process to ensure there is no hidden oils, salt, or sugars such as granulated sugar, honey, molasses, brown sugar, liquid cane sugar or cheap sugar substitutes.

Q: Can you eat Barketizers© Dog Treats?

A: Absolutely! Not only can you eat them, they are designed to taste good for you and your dog. They are only made for dogs, but if you happen to eat one, you may actually enjoy the flavors. When I cook for dogs, I use the same methods I've used for years cooking in restaurants, or baking in bakeries, and pastry kitchens. All of our ingredients are the best quality, and are treated with respect.

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