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SAFE Alliance. Barketizers© Charity of Choice

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Today we're talking with Jason Thayer, founder of Barketizers© healthy dog treats, about the origins of his involvement fostering through SAFE Alliance. He describes how it was a natural progression for he and his conscious customers to continue giving back.

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How and why did you get involved with SAFE Alliance?

My wife and I started the certification process for the foster and adopt program here in Austin, which took a year to complete before we even had an opportunity to foster. Once we finally got certified, it was a waiting game for a placement. I would have to talk to someone to get their story out, if needed, it is very long process, but we finally found our two boys. The process to get to adoption was very emotionally taxing. I don’t want to get into this part at the moment, we will just say that they have been saved from a horrible situation. The story had a happy ending, we adopted our two sons, and they will have the best life now.

Describe the donation Barketizers© currently makes, and what it means to you and SAFE.

The donation I make, sure. I actually talked about the idea to a few current employees that helps run the Foster and Adopt program by SAFE. They are very important to us, and still help/teach us till this day if we need guidance. I wanted to create this donation program to help others that need fostering, like our two boys did, but also to have a good balance between my profits and what I could afford to give away to help other families in the program.

The program is simple, every 50 orders I receive, I donate $200 in the form of an HEB gift card that I purchase, and hand deliver to SAFE in Austin, Texas. I actually discussed with them how to best donate the $200, and we figured out the best way was to turn it into a gift card for them to use to buy food and distribute to families that need it. They always are in need of food donations, it is one of their top priorities, and a gift card is best so they can buy what the families need instead of people dropping off food.

I have been a chef for over 20 years, and I connected instantly with this program idea!

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