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Barketizers© bakes tasty treats for hungry pups, but it all started with a chef sidelined from work and a dog with itchy ears. 


My name is Jason Thayer. I’m a Chef, Founder of Barketizers© and best buddy of Sam, the schnauzer mix you see featured in our company logo. I trained at Le Cordon Bleu, Johnson & Wales and worked as a culinary & pastry chef at award-winning restaurants in Austin, and also while traveling around the country. A bad grease burn on my feet sidelined me for a very long time. I spent my long days of recovery home alone with my trusty side-kick Sam keeping me company, Restless days didn’t keep me from limping into the kitchen to bake special treats for my buddy though.


I rescued Sam from a local shelter. He was diagnosed with auto-immune issues around the same time I was injured. Foods and treats with too many fillers, artificial flavors, and dyes aggravated his issues.

“My wife helped me make the connection...
I love Sam. I love helping. I love cooking. Barketizers brings it all together.”

At first I was just making dog treats because it was a way to pass time. But when I started looking at all the treats and foods available in pet stores, I realized most had too many ingredients that were likely to further aggravate Sam’s problems. Then one day my wife pointed out I could combine my passions for kitchens and canines, and Barketizers© was born!


Over several years, I’ve been perfecting the recipe and refining the ingredients. Sam and our lucky dog friends get a chance to sample my doggy friendly (also hooman friendly) culinary creations. Their owners have all raved how much their pets enjoy the treats, which are made with all-natural ingredients you could feed to anyone in your family.


My feet have since made a full recovery and Sam’s skin condition is doing much better these days too. In the end, good things came from our little detour, and now you can spoil your own pup with Barketizers© too! Love in every treat.

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