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Tell me more about Sam!

Check out our label to see what Sam looks like! Sam is a rescue dog with a lot of terrier a pinch of min pin, and whole lot of attitude. Sam has no immune system due to his auto immune disease so unfortunately he can't walk anywhere an animal has been so he has his own special area in the backyard. His feet get cleaned every day to prevent bacteria getting into his mouth, and he gets super spoiled by the family! Sam has three beds, owns his own spot on the couch, eats custom made dog treats, tests current/future dog treats, and has a special box with toys that he loves to dig into! He is an amazing sidekick, and from time to time thinks of himself as a cat!

How many treats should I give my dog? He’s a 70-lb lap dog…

Barketizers are specially prepared to be a treat for any size pet. Just give your pup one or two a day, regardless of how big your pooch is. There is a lot of nutrition packed into each peice. They should be used as a treat and not a substitution for their morning/evening meals.

Could I really feed Barketizers to *anyone* in my family?

Yep! The ingredients and the preparation methods used by Jason mean they’re safe for humans, even if they are made for your four-legged family members. Always remember they are designed for dogs or if you are lost in the woods for several days, they really do taste great! Don't be afraid to try one, they are prepared with the same techniques used to prepare high end restaurant style food. Jason just wanted to create the best dog treats possible, and really spoil dogs because they are worth it!

How are Barketizers different from other dog treats?

Each flavor of Barketizers treats have been especially developed by Chef Jason to appeal to your dog. Made by hand in small batches, the natural flavors and ingredients combine to smell great and appeal to your pet. Your dog’s most acute sense is smell and their nose knows a tasty treat.

What’s your favorite dish to make for people?

Throughout my years traveling around the U.S. cooking in restaurants, resorts, hotels, catering, and bakeries, my favorite thing to make is freshly made pasta with braised shortribs. I love making this dish because it showcases the bold flavors I can create with a handful of ingredients.

My dog gets gassy from so many treats or foods. Will Barketizers be better?

Barketizers are easy to digest so you shouldn’t be able to blame it on the dog anymore. Every product we sell has been tested a minimum of 20 times or more to be as close to perfect as possibe. The products are very complex, labor intensive, and need a high level of attention to detail. Creating these artisan products every day is so worth the time, and work involved for our dogs, and yours. The end result is truly a labor of love, and makes me that much more excited to make the next batch!

Help! I got a sample and want to order some more.

You’re in the right place! Click on Shop to check out all the tasty options for your pooch. You can choose a sampler or build your own box. We have many options to choose from, and will continue to grow our dog treat collection for you.

How long can I store Barketizers treats?

They’re so delicious your dog will probably want to enjoy them all within a few weeks, but there’s no harm if you found a forgotten package in the back of a cabinet. The low moisture content, and unique cooking process makes for a very shelf stable treat. Although they would probably last for years, we recommend using treats within one year.

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